Succumbing to Laziness

Yet another day starts by Charlie arriving late at the meeting place.  Then he completes his embarrassment by bumping into the leader of today’s CTC run whilst attempting to avoid being spotted going in a different direction.  They had planned today’s run to traverse the Trough of Bowland, but trouble with one of their freewheel sprockets set them back by a lot of time.  Finally they were attacked by the desire to do very little indeed, which on occasion summarises teenagers!

A Bit of Name Dropping

A bit of name dropping today, some of Charlie’s party engaged the well known cycling author ‘Wayfarer’ in conversation, and two of them actually took snapshots of him !  Little did Charlie know that 34 years later he would be very involved in organising the erection of a memorial stone in memory of ‘Wayfarers’ celebrated story called ‘Over the Top’.  This story is set in the Berwyn mountains in North Wales on a rough crossing called the Nant Rhyd Wilym, and was Wayfarers favourite mountain pass.  You can read more about Wayfarer elsewhere on this website.

Charlie’s first true Marathon !

A 10pm start and a supper in a café at 1am.  That makes for a good start to an all-night ride and the hours that followed are full of interest, even to us reading about it 92 years later.  They were bound for Meriden, and as you will find out in subsequent years, it was always a bit of a bash to put it mildly.

Meriden of course has always been held to be the exact centre of England, in that it is the furthest you can get from the sea in any direction.  It is worth reminding you that this year of 1923 was Charlie’s first year of cycling club membership, the CTC, so all of these long rides were a new experience for him, and he certainly entered into the spirit of things.