Saturday, 11 October 1924 Parbold

My friend came round for me this afternoon, to attend the club run, but I was not ready, so I said I would catch them en-route.  It was 3.15 when I started, and made my way to Four Lane Ends, then Chequerbent and through Westhoughton to Milton House and Haigh.  This is a beautiful colliery district (?) !! but a little later it runs through the grounds of Haigh Hall, and is rather good.  Then I struck the Chorley – Wigan road, turning again, and traversing a short bylane to Standish.  Then through Shevington Moor to Wrightington Fish Ponds, a steady climb, and I came to the summit of Parbold Hill.  The view was not good today, so I cautiously crept down to Parbold, then rattled along the rough setts to Newburgh, where I enquired of the ‘Red Lion’ proprietors if the club had called.  They had not, and had no word from them, so it became apparent that they were not calling here.  I was just debating with myself, when another member rolled up, and the two of us decided to try the Rigbye Arms, Wrightington.  So we returned to Parbold, and joined the Croston road.

Just beyond Grimshaw Green, the club rolled up, and we joined them.  The leader led us along a path into a massive quarry, where was a hut, but no one about.  Whilst the leader went in search of the keepers, we had a game of football, then I went exploring.  I intended to try a climb, for the cliffs were very sound, and also sheer, but though I made many attempts I could not get far.  At last I got fairly started, and was just getting on with it when someone shouted that tea was ready.  I wasn’t!  I discovered – as I often do in like instances – that I had got ‘so far’.  I believe that I could have finished the climb easier than coming down, for I had taken no notice of the height.  When I looked round, they were like dots below!  Anyway, by dint of much careful wrigglings, squirmings etc, I got to where was an easier descent, and handholds and footholds proving plentiful, I was soon down.  We had a merry tea on the verandah, then the keeper showed us round, and gave us much information about it, and at 7pm we started to return, with lamps lit.  Climbing Parbold, we crossed Appley Moor, taking a left at the first, then right to Benthams Row, on the Wigan – Preston road.  Two miles later, we turned right, coming to Coppull, White Bear, and Adlington.  Then home via Horwich.  When I got home, I discovered that the hub of my rear wheel had broken, but after much struggling, I got it to ‘go’ for tomorrow.                                                                                            55 miles

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