Sunday, October 8 – Stretton Circular


Starting at 12.15pm towards Warrington. A cold strong wind was carrying me, and with clouds scudding across the sky the day looked none too promising. Through Leigh to Glazebury, Culcheth and Warrington I sped, then taking Chester road. Just beyond the swing bridge I sat down on a snow shifter and perused the Ordnance Survey map. Turning up a narrow lane I climbed steadily for two miles to Hatton, and then another mile to the pretty rural village of Stretton. Within a stones throw of the old church I did more map perusing, and decided on a route to Lymm.

Through Appleton, and on to a main road, which I found to my amazement to be the well known Warrington–Knutsford road. This did not last long however, for a bylane quickly brought me to Lymm. Past the stocks and sundials to Warburton I sped, passing the old church and along to the Saracen’s Head. Four miles brought me to Partington, then along to Flixton, Barton and so on home at 5.15pm, in time for tea, and all too soon.

49 miles, 5 hours