Friday, April 18 – Knutsford

This morning – Good Friday – Tom came over from Manchester, with a new tyre.  The weather is glorious, but a trifle boisterous, and a blazing sun is speeding up the late countryside.  At 1.15, we made a start via Four Lane Ends to Atherton, and the lanes to Butts Bridge, then Warburton and Heatley.  We found Millington filled up with picnickers, so taking various byways we reached the crowded Chester road, turning at Mere corner for Knutsford.  To get a bit of peace from the traffic, we joined the old road that runs round by the walls of Tatton Mere and enters the ancient part of Knutsford.  Running through the quaint streets, we took the road to Mobberley, which, like the rest, bore evidence of the Easter trek into the country.  Coming into the latter village, we climbed uphill onto the Knolls Green road, where, at Knolls Green we attempted to get tea.  We were unsuccessful however, so we joined Brooks lane to Alderley Edge.  The sight of the motor-infested London road drove us back into the quieter bylanes, along which we worked our way to Mrs Powell’s for tea.  After tea, I found my front tyre flat, and the punctures (I found three) were only repaired at a second attempt.  Starting back, we found the main road a little easier, so we kept along it through Wilmslow, Handforth and Cheadle to Didsbury, Stretford and so home, for Tom is staying at our place for the holidays.                                                                                                                                               61 miles

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