Sunday, June 1 – Great Budworth

A steady drizzle was falling this morning, when I started out inside my cape.  Glorious June!  At Four Lane Ends I ascertained the lunch place, then got along Salford road to Walkden and over Barton Bridge to Stretford, where I should meet Tom.  He soon came up, and together we took the main road via Altrincham.  Owing to the rain, we had the road almost to ourselves, and the miles slid behind as I listened to Tom’s version of London and Wembley.  At Tabley we lingered over a swollen brook, noting how beautiful are the trees and hedgerows in the rain.  During inclement weather is the only time one can really appreciate the many beauties of this petrolised highway to Chester.  At Lostock Gralam, we turned right between the ‘Black Greyhound’ and the ‘Slow and Easy’, joining the Runcorn – Northwich road, running between Pickmere and Budworth Mere.  When we reached Great Budworth, the club had not arrived, so we rode down the Arley road for a mile or so, to meet them.  They soon came by, so all proceeded back to the old world village for lunch.  One of the two lady members present had skidded in a water splash, and had sat down therein.  It was a great joke to the rest of us, who, however, were little dryer.  They proved a merry crowd, nine altogether.

After lunch we had the usual walk inside the old churchyard, then regaining the machines, we rode off to Pickmere.  Here, seven of us hired boats out, three (including the lady – or girl) being in ours, and two in each of the others.  I took the oars.  The rain was coming down in torrents, but that was not half as wet as the liberal doses of ‘Loch Pick’ which came over from my oars.  I had to get into my stride however.  We zig-zagged to the far end and along a little brook, which became far too narrow to turn round in.  Tom got out to tow us to a wider part, but the boat drifted away, and it was only owing to my skilful? manoeuvring, that we at length got back to the bank, where he could get in.  We became entangled with the weeds many times, we held races against the others, we explored every nook and cranny, we got in the way of fishermen, splashed the others, got splashed ourselves, until, in a dripping and cheerful condition, we turned in, after two hours on ‘Llyn-y-Pic’.  It was then necessary to make for Bartington as quickly as possible.  The girl rider and myself, who had become quite chummy, proceeded in front, and soon lost sight of the rest.  Gt. Budworth, Comberbach and Little Leigh passed in an incredible time, then we soon reached Acton and Bartington for a wash and tea.  At 6pm we started back along the Warrington – Tarporley road.  This had just been re-tarred with detrimental effects to ourselves.  Near Stretton it ceased raining for the first time today, and capes were packed away.  Warrington was soon passed, and in company with a few others, we carried on via Culcheth, Glazebury and Leigh, arriving home at 8.30 after a very ‘fine, wet day’ with the club.                                                75 miles