Sunday, August 5 – Castle Cob

I felt just like a good potter today, so with those intentions I started.  At Barton Swing Bridge, a large ship on the Manchester Ship Canal, the ‘Prince of Lancaster’ stopped me for a time.  Near Urmston, three youths accosted me.  They were going to the Saracen’s Head, but had got lost.  I took them to the said place via Flixton, Partington and Warburton.  They found it closed, and I left them trying to find an alternative.  I reached Lymm at 11.15am and decided to have lunch at Thelwall Brook.  This place was invaded by three charabanc parties, which, although rowdy, did not invade the cyclists hut.  After lunch a party of East Oldham CC members came in.  At 1.40 I started, and reaching Grappenhall, turned towards Appleton.  Whilst map studying, I perceived the idea of visiting a ‘Castle Cob’ which is marked on the Bartholomew’s half inch map, sheet 8.

From Appleton I turned for Arley, but plunged into a series of winding roads until I emerged at Comberbach, then to Little Leigh and Acton Bridge.  More bylanes to Crowton, Norley, Kingsley, then along a footpath to Waterloo.  When at last I reached Castle Cob, I discovered a ring of trees round an ancient mound.  That was it.  After a few stiff hills, I came to the top of Frodsham Hill.  I was rewarded by a fine view of the Mersey and the Welsh hills.  It had been a beautiful day, but now it started to rain, and I had to resort to my cape.  I soon reached Frodsham and Sutton Weaver, where I had a good tea.  Before I restarted, the rain stopped and I had a grand run home via Warrington and Leigh finishing just at 8.15pm.

90 miles, 11 hours

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