Saturday, 18 October 1924 Edgeworth Moors

Decided to patronise the club run this afternoon, so with this thought in mind, two of us started to Tonge Moor tramcar terminus, which we duly reached at 2.30pm.  Before we started, I was made the victim of much leg-pulling about the dirty state of my machine.  Someone has to go through the ‘mill’ at every meet, and no one ever takes offence.  We made a start along the uphill road to the ‘Bulls Head’, then the Ramsbottom road.  Some stiff climbing brought us to Tottington, then a rough road, and more ‘ups’ to Holcombe.  Holcombe Tower was but a few feet above us, and this monument stands at over 1,200 feet above sea level.  With Ramsbottom on our right in the valley, an undulating road of indifferent surface led us via Stubbins to Helmshore, where we swung left between Musberry Heights and Haslingden Moor, by the side of three large reservoirs.  Up again, until, at 1,170 ft, we started dropping.  Then a bylane led us on to a heathery stretch of open moors, on which, nearly 1,200 ft high was reached.

Just a few yards from our tea place, the ‘Dog and Grouse’ on Edgeworth Moors, one of our party punctured.  Stabling the machines, this was soon repaired, when a terrific explosion shook the barn.  It needed no explanation, for one had expected a bad twist in his rear tyre to go at any moment during the run.  This was also repaired enough to get him to Bolton.  After tea came much fun and two hours elapsed before we ventured out into the black night again.  Two of us started back with an elderly gentleman, who had come along to tea, and who could only mount his machine by the aid of a bank or stone.

Twice he fell off, and though we were bursting with merriment over it all, we had to affect much concern.  We walked all the down gradients as well as the up!  So as you might imagine, the descent of the moors to Bolton was a terribly slow ordeal.                                                                                                    34 miles


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