Saturday, 23 August 1924 Arley (CTC run)

Started for Arley this afternoon, from Four Lanes End with the club.  About a dozen were out, and taking the bylanes from Atherton, we speedily reached Butts Bridge, and then Glazebury.  The long, monotonous stretch across Chat Moss over, we came to Glazebrook, Rixton and then over the Warburton Bridge to Heatley.  Followed the steady climb up to Broom Edge, across the main Lymm – Altrincham road, and so to High Legh.  Three miles of the pretty Budworth bylane followed, then, at the rhyming signpost, we turned through a gateway, and along a rutty cart road to the old-world beauty of Arley Mill, and Mere, then Arley Green.  A footpath, then a slushy road brought us to Arley village, at the entrance to which are two more rhyming signposts.  Tea at one of the ancient cottages, then a game of football in the grounds of Arley Hall.  We were stuck for goalposts, and one chap facetiously asked us to fetch four cows!  I am very well versed in the highways, byways and field paths of Cheshire, and when the leader asked for suggestions for a route back, I volunteered to show a way.

About a mile beyond Arley, we joined a narrow winding bylane, a sunken lane, that seems lost to the outside world, and which, after ambling all over, dropped us onto a road of some pretensions.  Then came the ‘tit-bit’ of the ride home, Swineyard Hall.  This black and white timbered, moated mansion is the very opposite to what its name implies.  Cries of admiration came from all, and a camera was set working.  From here we soon reached High Legh, and so, with lamps lit, we made our way over Warburton Bridge, across Chat Moss, and once more the bylanes to Atherton and so home.                                  55 miles

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