Thursday, July 13 – Flixton and Urmston

I called for my pal tonight, but found him indisposed, so I decided to have a short run on my own, so sallying towards Barton Bridge, I got into an even pace. Over the swing bridge and round sharply to the right for a mile or so, where, at the finger post I turned along a pretty lane towards Urmston. Through the latter place to a lane leading to the Flixton ferry. Arrived, I was just in time for the ferry boat. Ye Gods, what a boat ! With all respects to the owners, the craft is not one in which a lady with a new costume could keep spotlessly clean. The ferry is propelled by a single oar at the rear, and the fee including bike is twopence.

On the far side I came to Liverpool road, and after leaving Irlam to the rear I passed the Unicorn Hotel, and following the tramlines to Worsley Hill, climbed the promontory, and after reaching Walkden, I cut across by the colleries and home, arriving back at 9.10pm – all too soon for a wonderful night.

24 miles, 2 hours