Saturday, February 24 – Bretherton Bar

Beehive Hotel, 2.30, was today’s announcement. Beehive at 2.50 for me. Of course they had gone, so I followed at a rare speed, joining one chap, another latecomer, at Chorley. Together we tore along through Euxton and along the Southport road to Croston, reaching the tea place 20 minutes before the rest. When they all arrived – we numbered fifteen altogether – we proceeded to get tea ready. ‘All hands on deck’ is the rule at Bretherton, for there is only one old lady, known as Ellen, in the little farmhouse.

We had a noisy tea, and a more noisy chat, afterwards having a walk round the dyke, and earth wall built to protect the fields from the tidal river Douglas. On returning a fierce argument on rear lights was in progress with some motorists. Capes were necessary on the homeward run, and two of us, drawing ahead, missed the rest. At Horwich we met some Atherton Wheelers, and rode home with them. [Ed: Charlie has added a later footnote to say that ‘Ellen’ died on March 17, shortly after this visit, and that Bolton CTC sent a wreath to the funeral.]

42 miles, 6.5 hours