Sunday, 2 November 1924 North Cheshire Bylanes

Started about 9am for a ‘potter’ around.  The day was windy and cold.  I soon reached Four Lane Ends, then Atherton, and the lanes to Glazebury.  From here, the inevitable Chat Moss road brought me to Rixton, then over Warburton Bridge to Heatley.  I was now feeling like lunch, so I made my way via various bylanes to Millington, where, at Boothbank, I had lunch.  Restarting I wandered to Rostherne, then bylanes to Mere Corner, and more bylanes to a private road from Hoo Green.  Without compunction, I followed this out through private grounds, emerging on the High Legh – Budworth road.

Half a mile nearer High Legh, I turned into more byways, where a rainstorm came on.  My cape was now necessary, and it proved so for the rest of the afternoon.  I wandered to Arley, round by Swineyard Hall, and by many other lanes in the gathering dusk to Poplar Farm on the Warrington – Knutsford road, where, in the congenial company of a club, I had tea.  I had now some trouble to get my gas lamp going, and the road to High Legh was marked by continual stoppages.  At Broom Edge, I gave it a thorough clean-out, then made my way to Warburton, where my cape once again came out.  At Glazebrook, I put it away again, and returned home at 9.30.                                          94 miles

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