Sunday, 16 November 1924 Alderley Cross

Owing to the lateness of the hour with last nights lecture, our arrangements stood for Mrs Powell’s, teatime, 5pm.  I only got on the road at 2.30, and therefore, had little time to throw away.  Quickly reaching Barton Bridge, I came to Stretford, then Sale and Brooklands Drive.  It was very cold, and this long straight road got a little weary, so you can guess I was glad when I reached Hale Barns, on the Wilmslow road.  It was pleasant enough now, through Ringway to Wilmslow Common, from where the main road took me to Alderley, then Mrs Powell’s, just on lighting up time.  Ten minutes later, Tom came with Bill, and the three of us rolled into the crowded room for tea.  A little later, one of the Bolton CTC joined us, and the four of us made a pleasant party, and we were loth to leave the cosy room at 6.30pm.

It was bitterly cold, and pitch dark outside.  We joined a bylane, which led us to Chelford road.  My lamp now refused to function, and it had to be cleared out, and a fresh supply of water added.  At Chelford, we joined Knutsford road, coming to the ancient town in company with a dense fog.  Beyond, on the byway round by Tatton Hall, it was at its worst, and on Chester road we found it in patches. Altrincham reached, a short run brought us to Stretford, where, after a chat, Tom and Bill left us.  We continued our journey home, little troubled by fogs, arriving home at 9.30pm.                                   65 miles

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