Sunday, February 24 – Sutton Weaver

Today’s ride was to be Chester, meet Tom at Warrington, 11am.  At 9am a companion, a fellow CTC ite – who was coming along with us, called for me, and together we faced a terrific gale, which argued every inch of the way through Atherton and Leigh.  I skidded at Lowton, twisting my crank, and some time was wasted in repairing it at a shop, which, luckily, happened to be near, and open.  When we turned for Winwick, we got it a little easier down to grimy Warrington.  A steamer in the ship canal delayed us still more, so that we were only just on time – but Tom had not come.

At 11.30 we left, Tom still being absent, and climbing through Daresbury, we came to Sutton Weaver, and down to Frodsham bridge, where the half timbered, Elizabethan house made us lunch.  This place is over 300 years old.  Here we stayed for two and a half hours, chatting beside the cosy fire with the proprietor.  Restarting, we came to Frodsham, turning along the Northwich road.  After some miles, we left it for the pleasanter road through Kingsley and Crowton, and down to Acton Bridge.  Crossing the river Weaver, we turned up a steep little lane, which brought us to Little Leigh.

This route, though complicated, and winding, is well known by Tom and I.  Comberbach was reached, then Gt. Budworth, and the lanes to Arley.  Here the sky blackened, giving a strange, sinister light around…..  then we got a terrific hailstorm.  The wind now dropped, and the day became very cold.  From Tabley we rounded Tatton Mere, then came to Ashley, and passing through the Vale of Bollin at Castle Mill, we came to Ringway for tea.  Another two and a half hours beside a warm fire, then with lamps lit, we ran through Hale Barns to Altrincham.  Stretford completed a zig-zag ride across Cheshire, then we reached Barton, Worsley and the setts home at 9pm.                           85 miles


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