Saturday, January 26 – Ringway (run leader)

I feel terrible today, owing to an abcess in the gums caused by bad teeth, but I must attend the clubrun, for I lead today.  About 12 members were at Four Lane Ends today, waiting, two of them leaving early to pay a call in Atherton.  Eleven of us took the Salford road to Walkden, Worsley and over Barton Bridge to Stretford and Didsbury.  I was getting jiggered, and at Cheadle I had thoughts of chucking in the sponge.

Luckily, my friend of last Sunday was with us, so I turned over the run to him at Cheadle Hulme, and started to lag.  Nevertheless, I managed as far as Moss Nook, where I dropped out with another, on a bridge.  After a few minutes, two more came back for us, and together we rode easily on to Ringway.  I was on the last lap, so to speak, when we reached Mrs Woodward’s, where the congenial company of 18 more, and a rest, put me rather better.

A sing-song after tea whilst I reckoned up the money, got me in a bit of a fuddle, and the party (now numbering 23) decided unanimously that Mrs Woodward’s was a top-hole place.  We had a grand, bright, night for the return journey, which was made via Altrincham and Stretford.  The run was a complete success, but a nightmare to me.  I’m not used to gumboils!                                                                                          50 miles

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