Sunday, October 15 – Castle Mill and Carrington

Officially, summer has ended, but it seems as if it has only just begun to me, so warm and bright has it been this weekend. Well, I sallied forth at 11.15am on the usual route towards Altrincham. Near Barton a policeman was taking notes of a collision between two cars – an unusual recurrence of yesterday. Anyway, my wheel took me the same route as yesterday, for some reason. Before I knew it, I was once more winking at the Castle Mill notice board, and by the riverside I again started a combat against the midges.

An hour later I rose, and coming to Hale and Altrincham, passing through the latter, and one mile further a notice announces to the world that Carrington hangs out that way. Taking its word, I fled down it, and after travelling five miles of indifferent roads I came to a well known section of Flixton road. From Flixton I caught the ferry across the Ship canal to Irlam. The vehicle ferry is like a large platform with a windlass on board, to pull it across, whilst at each end of the journey is a platform which can be raised or lowered. From Irlam I took the Liverpool road to Patricroft and thus home for 5pm.

44 miles, 6 hours