Saturday, 23 February 1924 Millington

I decided to attend the usual Saturday run, so accordingly, I made the acquaintance of Four Lane Ends, 2.30pm where I found quite a crowd.  We made a start via Atherton, Leigh and Glazebury, and I felt in just the right form.  The usual route over Warburton Toll Bridge was taken, and at Heatley several of us came across an old, solid tyred bike of undoubted antiquity, lying rusting by a stable wall.  Although of a ripe old age, it embodied many modern – and novel – features.  We soon reached Millington, after that, where a football was produced, and a game was set in swing.  Our side lost 8 – 1.


After tea, two of us had a long ramble in the gloaming, getting back in time to see the large majority leaving.  Seven of us however, stayed for a sing-song, taking the road at 7.30pm.  On reaching the main road, we stopped, owing to the front wheel of a ladies machine giving trouble.  We spent an hour over it, even then not righting it, for we had no tools for the job.  We came back through Altrincham etc, the miles seeming to fly, owing to my companion chatting the while over a recent Scottish Tour.  We got back at 11.15pm.                                                           41 miles

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