Saturday, January 19 – LRC Potato Pie Supper

Tonight is to be held a potato pie ‘do’ in aid of the funds of the newly formed Lancashire Road Club, a much needed racing organisation.  I arrived at Belmont at 7pm, proceeding to the ‘Black Dog’, where I found a large crowd gathered round the fire.  A piano was working overtime.  At 7.30 the supper was ready, and about 60 of us sat down to a ‘gorge’ of real, old fashioned Lancashire ‘pratoe’ pie.  The only fault was that there was not enough, and the same could be said of the rice pudding that followed.  Afterwards, a ring was made and a game of Blind Boxing – in which I took part – was played, with amusing results.  In this, and many other ways, a pleasant evening was passed, and as we came away at 11pm, a bright moon was shining.  The wind blew us home.  The supper proved an immense success.

17 miles