Saturday, December 2 – Gawsworth and Congleton

For some days an awful downpour of unwanted rain has fallen, and today the aspect is none too cheerful as we plough our way through the slush of the byways to Walkden for 2.45pm. By 4.30pm I am leaving my pal at Wilmslow, and skipping on to Alderley, joined Mottram road. With lamp lit, I splashed along to Kirkleyditch, where I took a specially dirty road to – well, the first place I came to – I knew not, neither did I care. After some miles of this, I was rushing swiftly downhill, into snug looking Prestbury. Skirting the village I again entered the bylanes.

Uphill for some time, then, steering clear of Macclesfield, I skidded into Broken Cross, where I sojourned for lunch. Plunging into a set of more-dirty-than-ever lanes, I found myself once more at familiar Gawsworth, from where I had an exhilarating dash along the good level road to Congleton. After a smoke, I was off again along Congleton road towards Alderley, my wheels splashing musically along the damp road. At Wilmslow I called for my pal and at 8.30pm we were whizzing along merrily to Cheadle and Stretford, but on reaching that place my pal went to pieces and we were going at an awfully slow speed. We stopped at Barton for supper, and it was 11.30 when we arrived home – I am an awfully dirty mess, but it was fifty times worth it.

73 miles, 9 hours