Tuesday, December 26 – Barton to Warburton

I started at 3pm with a half gale blowing me back. At Barton Bridge a large ship coming into the Manchester docks delayed me for some time. Taking a short cut from Trafford Park, I landed on a whole nest-egg of puddles, laid, I suppose by the recent heavy rains. After a terrific splashing, I crossed the main road, and sped, or rather struggled, into Sale. Still fighting the wind I came to within a mile of Altrincham, turning up for Timperley out of the way of the Bank Holiday traffic. Turning again, I reached Altrincham.

Through the suburbs, I gained Chester road, but soon left it, in preference for the Lymm road, in turn leaving that at Broomedge, where I lit up. The wind fairly took me down the hill and under that dangerously placed canal bridge to Warburton, with its famous bridge looming eerily against the dark, cloudy night sky. Over the now deserted bridge I cantered, and turning on the Irlam road left it again a mile further on for Glazebrook, Glazebury, Leigh and home at 6.30pm and a grand run and an equally grand struggle against a boisterous breeze.

42 miles, 3.5 hours