Sunday, March 19 – The Haunted Tunnel

Being fed up with hanging about, I decided to get out, so at 4pm this afternoon I started out.  Beyond Belmont I got interested in workmen who were setting the moors on fire.  Reaching Walton le Dale I decided to stay for tea, so storing the bike I sat down to a good tea and a comfortable hour before the fire (as usual).  Off again, I reached Bamber Bridge and joined the Wigan road but left it again for a footpath.  As it was dark I lit my lamp, and after a little while I came to a tunnel about 50 yards long.

This is locally known as the ‘Haunted Tunnel’, and the story goes that two men, both drunk, came this way and during a quarrel one struck the other, and killing him, he hid the body.  His ghost may be seen wandering about inside the tunnel.  Needless to say I did not see the ghost although it seemed creepy enough in the darkness and dirty mud.  Regaining the wigan road I came to Chorley from where I took the lanes route to Horwich.  The fires on the moors looked extremely well.  From Horwich I had a tough struggle against the wind.                                                                   41 miles, 5 hours

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