Saturday, December 22 – Belmont

Owing to a bit of bike trouble, etc, I was too late to actually turn out with the clubrun – to Turton Heights – this afternoon, so I did the next best thing, rode to the tea place.  There was a howling gale against me when I started at 4pm, travelling along to Astley Bridge and Belmont Road, and it was, perhaps, the keenest struggle I have ever had to Belmont.  In fact I was not sorry when I turned through the gate onto the slimy path which leads for half a mile to the farm.

I found about nine members inside, two more came up later, making a total of 12 altogether.  Two had turned out on the run, three had walked up and seven had ridden out to tea!  After tea we had two hours playing Christmassy fireside games, which were very enjoyable, then at 8.30pm, we started back.  It was a glorious moonlit night, one of the party punctured, and we had a fine run home that was all too short.                                                                                                                                                       16 miles, 4.5 hours