Sunday, August 20 – Culcheth

The weather is very changeable, today it is very warm, tomorrow perhaps it will be snowing. We started at 4pm, a cooling breeze in our face, and our heads turned towards Warrington. From Leigh we turned towards Glazebury – but I am forgetting something. At Atherton we came across one of the old cycling pals being towed uphill on his motorbike. Something had gone wrong. It seems to me that this motorcycling lark is not worth a candle. Near Culcheth, two motorcyclists on one machine begged us to help them with a puncture. Half an hour wasted. A little later they chatted past us, a smile of superiority, but it did not last. We had not gone far when we saw them by the roadside short of petrol, and with no sign of a garage for some miles around. I gave them a little sound advice concerning the ‘push bike’, and then we passed them with superior smiles. Reaching Liverpool road we turned left for Cadishead, got lost in a country lane and found ourselves at Glazebrook. A hefty stride took us to Leigh, and then home for 9pm.

36 miles, 5 hours