Saturday, June 16 – Belmont

I was to meet one chap at the Three Pigeons Inn at 2.30 this afternoon.  I was there at 2.40 but there was no sign of my friend.  I was talking until 4pm (?) and still no sign so I pushed off up Blackburn Road.  Just a few yards from Dunscar I took a bylane which eventually got me on footpaths etc.  After about 10 miles (?) of stiles, gates etc, I came on Belmont road, and reached Belmont at 4.45, where I decided to have tea.  Started again at 5.15 ‘over the top’ and after a fine moorland run, I came to Rivington Village.  Entering Lever Park I made for the Castle, when – rattle, my tyre went flat.  I mended three punctures but when I reached the Castle it went down again.  This time I mended four.  Both the tyre and tube were new, and the only explanation is my bad luck this year.  After a look round I returned to Horwich, where I witnessed a motor accident.  Reached home at 8.30, a wash out.

Distance 32 miles, Time 8 hours.

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