Saturday, April 26 – Ringway

The weather this month has been living up to the alleged reputations of March and April combined – “March winds, April Showers” – and this afternoon, the average person would say that it is not ‘safe’.  Cyclists in general are not average persons, and to them there is no ‘unsafe’ weather.  I decided this afternoon to patronise the clubrun, so accordingly 2.30 saw me at Four Lane Ends.  When we started at 3pm, about 17 members were out, quite a large turnout for ‘unsafe’ weather!  Walkden was soon passed, Barton and Stretford, from where the wind was rather troublesome.

At Sale we joined Brooklands Drive, that rutty road that runs for miles in a dead straight line.  Whilst passing through one of the numerous, narrow sets of stumps, I caught my pedal against one, and sailed through the air for a very short space of time, eventually coming to earth.  I was alright, and the club, thinking all was well, carried on, leaving two of us.  I had twisted my crank and pedal spindle very badly, and though we got it to clear the chain-stays, it was still in a bad way.

Just as we started, a heavy sample of April Shower came along, and though we donned capes, they were not proof against it, and we reached the tea place at Ringway wet through.  Our jackets and shoes were dried before the fire whilst we had tea. The bulk of the party started back earlier, and as the wind had dropped, we made Altrincham in very short time, where I had my crank put right.  At Sale I had a new cotter pin installed, and then we made up for lost time through Barton and Walkden, lighting up for the last two miles, and arriving home at 9.30.  An early start tomorrow for Wales.                  42 miles

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