Tuesday, July 4 – Silverdale

What a week! Wind and weather combined has determined to put an end to our cycling activities, and here is Tuesday and we have been denied a look at the old bikes. Nevertheless, we were determined not to be outdone, so three of us – one was a lad who was staying with us – started out at 1.45pm, just for the afternoon. A strong wind blew us along as we rattled over that awful road out of Morecambe. About halfway to Lancaster we turned off for Bolton le Sands, which pretty village we soon left. Turning towards the mountains we reached Carnforth, from where we made our way towards Arnside. I can hardly describe the beautiful heavily scented lanes we traversed,

I was roaming ahead, and after dropping sharply came to Silverdale, an entrancing little valley. I waited for the rest on a bridge, all the while my feet aching to be off to fresh scenes, but they would have none of it. Sorrowfully I turned away, and taking a short cut we soon reached Carnforth where we refreshed ourselves. From Bolton le Sands we took a road to Hest Bank, and thence across the sands – hard work – to Bare and Morecambe.

41 miles, 3.5 hours