Sunday, March 12 – Clitheroe

This morning promised some fine weather so accordingly I started at 9.30am in high spirits.  Over the moors to Darwen with its steep streets, and on to Blackburn I ran.  From Blackburn I turned against a stiff breeze on to the Whalley road, which place I reached after a monotonous run.  I caught a glimpse of the old Abbey before I swooped down upon the ancient town where I procured refreshments.  Then along for six miles in the romantic Pendle Hill district to Clitheroe, whose well known history is so much dwelt upon.  The Castle stands out prominently on a rock in the hub of the town, a position denoting extreme strength.

clitheroe castle

Of course I could not get inside the Castle so I proceeded on for a mile or two.  Being at a loss for a different way back I returned the same way.  The road between Blackburn and Darwen could do with a thorough upheaval, as the immense amount of traffic it carries doesn’t seem to do it any good.  A stiff walk out of Darwen, a few ridges, and a long easy run into Bolton.  Had I known the time, I think I should have made a detour.  Arrived back at 3.30pm.

53 miles, 6 hours