Sunday, 6 July 1924 Arley Green

I was off again at 2.30 this afternoon, for I have to meet Tom at Broom Edge.  The wind was still keen, blowing from the northwest, and I had a rather warm struggle through Atherton and Glazebury.  On the Cadishead road the wind was in my favour, so I made up for lost time, soon coming to Glazebrook, Cadishead and over Warburton Bridge to Heatley.  A rather stiff climb, then I reached the meeting place, where Tom was waiting.  Together we proceeded steadily to High Legh, along the old, favourite road, turning at the chapel for Gt. Budworth.  Three miles farther on, we turned right, by a rhyming signpost and along a muddy, beautiful lane to Arley Mill and Mere.  Past that ancient mill and the pretty mere, then in a moment we came to Arley Green, where we had tea in one of the half-timbered picturesque houses.

Just as we had finished tea, a kiddie came in crying, saying that someone had broken his leg, so we volunteered to bring the nearest doctor, who lives at Gt. Budworth.  Off we dashed, making a terrific pace against the wind, and blinding round corners recklessly, until we reached the village.  We could give no particulars as to which leg, whereabouts on the leg, only saying that it was a boy, 9-12 years of age, and even this we surmised!  So we returned to Arley, and discovered that it was a man of 38 years, and that the ankle, not the leg was broken.  We cleared off before the doctor arrived!

After spending half an hour in a seductive byway, we worked our way from Arley, through many more winding lanes later coming to a wonderfully picturesque, half timbered, black and white house, with a moat all round it.  It is known as Swineyard Hall.  Then we gained the Lymm – Knutsford road near High Legh.  Then once again to Heatley, and the ‘tons’ road to Barton – that is, Warburton, Partington, Carrington, Flixton, Urmston and – Barton.  Here we stood talking awhile, then Miss W.O. of the Bolton section CTC came up, and taking leave of Tom, I had her company via Worsley and Walkden to Moses Gate, and so home.

64 miles

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