Saturday, May 26 – Nether Alderley

Today I must go and bring the bike back from Alderley, so off I went with a new chain.  Making a dash for the train, I took this modern torture to Manchester.  Coming to the barrier I had lost my ticket, and only a careful search revealed it.  Next, I couldn’t find London Road station.  Some time later I reached it and lost the booking office.  The correct platform to Alderley vanished now, and when I found it I had lost my ticket again.  At last I was safely inside the carriage, and half an hour later the train pottered away.  Long before my destination was reached the compartment was packed, and I was in a suffocated condition.

At last I arrived, and after another hunt for the ticket I stood in the roadway – free.  Never again!   The chain was too long and after an hours struggle I got it fixed up.  Here my Manchester friend came on the scene and we enjoyed a good tea together.  A walk brought us to the Copper Mines, which we explored.  Starting back at 7.30 we made a detour to Alderley (it is the May carnival) and taking the main road in a storm we pushed on to Cheadle.  At Didsbury Tom Idle left me, and I returned home via Stretford etc at 10.15.

Distance 28 miles, time cycling  2.75 hours.

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