Saturday, March 3 – Millington

As usual it was raining when we started – raining hard – from Four Lane Ends.  Turning into a sloppy set of bylanes, the Leader started to take us over the wildest course imaginable.  Over gates, through stiles and so on until we came to Butts Bridge at Leigh.  Taking the usual route through Glazebury we came to Warburton Bridge, where we made a halt to watch a large ship pass underneath, on the Manchester Ship Canal.  Soon we came to the Lymm–Altrincham road, and turning off along a bylane reached the tea place at Millington.  It had been capes all the way and now it cleared up.  There were thirteen of us, you see.

The Humorist got busy, and we were a noisy laughing party accompanied by the piano until 7.30pm.  It was fine when we started back via Altrincham, and, as we were in high spirits the weary Manchester Road was soon left behind.  Taking a roundabout road through Urmston we reached Barton.  Just beyond, at Worsley, we came in for a terrific downpour which lasted until we got home, thoroughly soaking us despite the capes.

44 miles, 7.5 hours