Saturday, February 16 – Winwick

There was a large gathering at Four Lane Ends this afternoon, for the club run to Winwick, due, no doubt, to the fine weather and the popularity of the leader.  At 2.50pm we made our way through Atherton to Leigh and Lowton St. Mary’s, beyond where we turned left into a second class road, and very soon came to Winwick.

Some had a walk before tea, others (including myself) had a look around the old Churchyard.  Of course we saw the Winwick Pig!  At tea we were divided into two parties (I being amongst the less fortunate ones) to have tea in an old shed, as cold as the outside atmosphere.  Just as we were getting warm, someone would open the door, admitting an icy breath of winter.  Still we derived plenty of amusement from it.  After tea we had a long walk, skirting the grounds of the asylum, and almost entering Warrington.  Lighting our lamps, we made the journey home, a cheerful party of about twenty.  Except for the short run to Lowton, we returned the same way.                                       30 miles

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