Thursday, May 25 – Horwich and Blackrod

At six thirty this evening I was aroused by a great ringing of bells. Divining its meaning I yanked out the bike and joined the party. Through the town and up Blackburn Road we sped, onto Belmont Road. Climbing the stiff incline we rode for a mile or two until we came to a paved road which took us to the top of Sharples Hill. On the summit we stopped awhile in glorious sunshine. The traffic on Belmont road looked like tiny toys crawling along, and right ahead the hillsides, dotted with farmsteads looked quite the picture of peace and contentment. Away downhill we flashed, we had the good road to ourselves, so we let it go. A hairpin bend at the bottom provided us with a few moments of excitement. Up, down, level, then sharply to the right and we were hurrying into Horwich. Then downhill again, and a terrible hill which is absolutely unrideable. This is Crown Lane leading into Blackrod, and I doubt whether a petrol vehicle could climb it. Passing through Blackrod, we reached in due time Westhoughton. Across Four Lane Ends to Little Hulton, and we were in the fields around home. Arrived back at 9.30pm in the glorious light of the setting sun.

25 miles, 2.5 hours