Monday, March 3 – Bartington

Next Sunday I lead the club run, and, having got very short notice, I must needs do some scouting.  The snow has been mostly shifted from the main roads, therefore I had little trouble, and a warm sun was rapidly thawing the rest.  At 2.30 I had placed Atherton behind me, and soon Glazebrook was left, and Warburton Toll Bridge was being negotiated.  Paying the toll, I made for Heatley and then uphill to Broom Edge and High Legh.

The road, covered with thawing snow, made the going treacherous.  Rural Great Budworth, quiet and peaceful, looked prettier than ever in its white mantle, Comberbach and Little Leigh, being also much ‘whiter’.  I had some trouble to find Mrs Brocklehurst’s place at Bartington, near Acton Bridge.  Having had tea, and made all the necessary arrangements, I left at 6.15, and was soon speeding along the fine Tarporley – Warrington road.

I was in excellent form, bouncing through Stretton, and dropping to Stockton Heath at a great pace.  I eased up in Warrington owing to the setts, but increased again when I got beyond Padgate.  The night was intensely dark and the few motor cars that passed in the opposite direction, nearly blinded me with their powerful headlights.  I came home via Culcheth, Glazebury and along the terrible setts from Leigh.                             66 miles

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