Tuesday, May 16 – Chester

Washing day !   “I must get out of this” I thought, as I struggled out with the bike. The day was dull and cloudy, and a gale was blowing. I started at 10am and the wind held me to such an extent that it took me 3 hours to reach Warrington – 18 miles. At Daresbury I caught hold of a charabanc, and I sailed on in peace. At Frodsham it stopped, and I struggled on alone. At six miles an hour I pushed through Helsby, Dunham and at Mickle Trafford caught hold of the same chara again. When I arrived at Chester, I stored the bike at the station, had a wash and brush up, and went to see the ‘Lions’.

Walking round the walls, I reached the river Dee, where I went out in a small boat. After awhile I returned the boat – whole, I am getting quite expert – and visited St John’s Church and the Phoenix tower where King Charles saw his troops defeated, and the Cathedral. Retrieving the bike, I started back, and I didn’t half let it go. I was soon at Frodsham, but near Warrington the rain started, and I had to don the cape. I have never made the journey from Warrington faster in my life. One hour and ten minutes isn’t so bad for 18 miles [on a heavy steel sit up and beg bike, no gears. Ed]. Arrived back wet through at 6.45pm.

77 miles, 8.75 hours