Saturday, March 11 – Irlam

A high wind, every likelihood of rain, and a bad day generally, I thought as I fled before a strong wind at 2.45pm this afternoon.  Via Worsley to Patricroft, and then along the Liverpool road I winged.  The Patricroft end of this road is not exactly ‘a dream to behold and a pleasure to ride upon’, and I felt enough bumping and jogging to last me a lifetime.  However, it is not a long stretch, and beyond it is good.  Past the Co-op Margarine works and into Irlam, whose big iron works belch forth energy and ugliness from its numerous chimneys, ten of which stand in a straight row, and are identical in size.

Warburton Bridge

Near Warburton Bridge, at a signpost, I stood meditating whether to make for Lymm and Warrington, or home via Leigh.  After tossing up for it I chose the shorter, and started on the monotonous road through Glazebrook and Glazebury, and on to Leigh, where starts a dreary uphill climb via Atherton.  This covered I was soon home, arriving back at 5.20pm.  The runs yet have been very short but they will increase in length and frequency as the year goes on.

39 miles, 2.5 hours