Sunday, June 3 – Halton Castle

Started at Four Lane Ends at 9.30am.  A calm day so far, but dull.  Via Glazebury and Culcheth we sped to Warrington where seven of us broke away from the main party of 25.  Speeding through Daresbury we came to Sutton Weaver where we prepared for lunch.  Twenty minutes later the whole bunch came.  After dinner a few songs were played and we had a bit of fun before we left.

The two miles to Halton were soon covered, and before long we were inspecting the castle which is sadly defaced by barbed wire and notices.  The usable part of the ruins is made into a storage place.  After photographs were taken we started back by a pretty and circuituous route to Warrington and Thelwall.  Returning to Warrington (where we had a dusty experience) we made our way to Winwick, where suggestions for tea were made.  Meanwhile I had a walk round the old churchyard.  We had tea at Croft and returned home via Glazebury and the bylanes to Atherton etc, arriving back at 8.30.

Time 11.5 hours,  Distance 60 miles

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