Friday, February 23 – A Moorland Snow Fight

Tonight I sallied forth on to Chorley Old road (by way of a change) at 8.15pm. Near the Crofters public house I picked up a bunch of Horwich Clarion riders, and in company we made to Horwich. Recently there has been two very heavy falls of snow, and the roadside was stacked with great heaps of the latter. In these I ran twice – and came off – the worse! In Horwich my friend left me, but on reaching the Crown Hotel I came across five more of the CTC. Three of us took the road through Lever Park and thus on to the moors. As we were nearing our goal we had a forced walk through a foot of hard snow.

The moors looked well with their white mantle glistening in the moonlight with here and there an isolated farmstead showing itself dimly. And then we came across three bicycles and before we knew it a hail of snowballs followed by laughter greeted us. Followed a battle royal between us and the three others, including a lady, and we fought for twenty minutes until our fingers were absolutely immovable. I sank waist deep in one place, and at the end I was wet through. Returning home another way (rideable) we soon reached the Crown Hotel and thus on home for 10.45pm.

20 miles, 2.5 hours