Sunday, March 18 – Alderley Cross

At 2.30pm I started off to meet the Sunday Clubrun for tea.  I had a terrible time against the wind to Didsbury, where I caught it sideways, and thus made some progress to Cheadle, Wilmslow and Alderley, beyond where I stopped – the Cross.  I had no idea of the tea place so I sat down and waited for someone to turn up.  Ten minutes later, another one came and together we docked ourselves at the correct farm.  A little later the rest came and we started tea.

At 6.30pm another 19 turned up – the long run.  When we started back at 7.30 there were 32 of us, and we made an excellent pace towards home.  Just beyond Handforth, a rut across the road caused two of them to crash, spraining a downtube and buckling a wheel so badly that he had to return home by train.  The wind pushed us along and we were soon at Stretford, then Barton, Worsley and home for 10.30pm.                                                                                                54 miles, 8 hours

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