Wednesday, 25 January – Old Route

Tonight I thought that I would give my newly renovated machine a trial.  I have enamelled and lined it, made drastic cuts in the weight and fitted the Continental style dropped handlebars.  I could immediately feel the difference, for the bike now weighs just above 30lbs.  Two of us started up Lever Edge Lane to St Helens road, leaving it at Four Lane Ends for Salford road.  A mile further on we enjoyed a race with a motor cycle, and after about ten minutes of give and take we drew ahead – and stayed there.

Scudding before the wind we soon reached Walkden, and turning down to Worsley, we swung round towards Swinton.  Near the latter place a peal of bells broke forth suddenly from a neighbouring church.  We stood for some time listening, for they are the sweetest I have ever heard.  Through Hazelhurst to Salford road we pedalled , and at Walkden turned up to Moses Gate and Bolton for 10pm.

20 miles, 2 hours