Saturday, February 17 – Thelwall Brook

At 2.30 this afternoon I was speeding towards Four Lane Ends, the CTC meeting place. Ten of us started against a howling wind, and at Butts Bridge in Leigh five of us had to wait for the other five to catch up! Imagine our surprise when, instead of five turning up, ten more appeared, two ladies amongst them. Together we sallied forth, and cutting through Glazebury, we soon reached Glazebrook. Here two of us engaged in a race to the top of Warburton Bridge. Gee! it was a pull ! Now four of us went on to order tea, and after capturing the place nearest the fire, we settled down to tea.

Afterwards we moved to another room where we had a bit of fun, and a sing-song accompanied by the piano. At 7.30 we were off again, by the same route. Four of us drew ahead and somehow lost the others, arriving home about 10pm.

40 miles, 7.5 hours