Saturday, August 4 – Castle Mill

Events pile on each other in rapid succession.  Last night I was pedalling easily downhill (fixed gear) near Rivington, when my chain caught the top of my crank.  Result, the rear forks bent about 6”, chain wheel twisted, and chain stretched.  I caught a train from Horwich to Bolton.  This morning has been spent in doing umpteen odd repairs and fixing a new cog.  Next Saturday I lead the clubrun to Castle Mill, and I thought I would do a bit of scouting out.  A prospective member promised to go with me, at 1.30pm.  The new cog wasn’t suitable, and near Walkden I almost had a repetition of last night’s affair, so I decided to return home and fix a free wheel for safety.  At 3pm I sallied forth again – I had sent my friend on to Castle Mill, promising to catch up with him there.  On Plodder Lane, near my home, I lost a cotter pin.  It was ten past four when at last I sallied out again, and as all was now running well I ‘put em round’ to evens.

At 4.30, Barton was behind me.  Stretford was now passed, and just beyond the Altrincham turning, at Sale, I turned down Brooklands Drive.  This is a road about three miles long and as straight as a die, therefore it soon gets monotonous, and I was glad when the main road at Ringway was reached.  Soon I was in the bylanes, and at 5.20pm I reached Castle Mill, just 80 minutes for 19 miles.  We ordered tea immediately.  Afterwards I made arrangements for next Saturday, and then we went for a stroll by the River Bollin.  It was a glorious day, and the scenery around here was very pretty.  At 6.15 we left for Wilmslow at a pottering pace, reaching that village at about 7pm, then we turned towards Styal.  In the bylanes around here the flies must have organised a National Fly Week, and to my mind it was an immense success.  Anyway, we pottered along to Northenden, then Sale, and so home via Stretford and Barton for 9.30pm.  I have not, after all, found a suitable route out for next Saturday, but we shall get there, and, given weather like today, it should be a success.

58 miles, 8 hours



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