Sunday, 23 November 1924 A Wander round the Weaver

I met Tom at Kingsway End at 9.30 this morning.  We should have made a foray into Derbyshire, but both of us felt somewhat lethargic, so we decided on a potter.  Keeping to the main road, we passed along to Handforth and Wilmslow, turning right at Alderley, for Chelford.  From here we joined the Holmes Chapel road, and had a very pleasant run for several miles to within a mile of the important road junction, turning into a bylane.  Along this we caught a glimpse of a fine, half timbered mansion, known as Hermitage.  It led us to Cranage, and then we got stuck in a miry, brambly lane, which led nowhere in particular.  At length we straightened out the tangle, and reached Byley, where we had lunch.  All morning a howling wind had been blowing, and the black clouds scudded across the sky.  Another series of lanes excluded Middlewich, and brought us to the Northwich road, which we traversed via Bostock Green to Moulton, where, after some confabulation, we joined a dipping, rutty lane.

One very interesting feature of this district, are the big, rambling signposts.  They are very picturesque.  We crossed Vale Royal but, after a dirty canal, reached Davenham and wandered all about Moulton.  There was a fine view, however, from this district, embracing Beeston and the Peckforton Hills, which are just in sight.  The best however, were the sky effects, sunshine, cloud and storm.  A queer mixture of lanes, woods, pools and works, brought us to Whitegate, then we soon reached Chester road, traversing it through Hartford to Northwich.  It started to rain just as we were having an argument on the road between Witton Flashes, so we pushed on to Gt. Budworth, where we were welcomed to tea.  Lamps were lit, and capes came out for the return journey through the darksome lanes to High Legh, and Broom Edge, where we parted, I making my way home for 9.30.                                            90 miles

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