Monday, March 31 – Little Leigh

Started out on a ‘wander run’ this afternoon, in quest of fresh bylanes.  I took the time-worn route through Leigh to Glazebury and Warburton, then Broom Edge and High Legh.  Speeding along the Great Budworth road, I turned into an atrocious byway just beyond the Arley turning.  It was very pretty and densely wooded, but I came out on the same road again, only a little nearer Budworth.  Again I left it, changing once more, pointing this time to Warrington.  Goodness knows how many hamlets I passed through, and lanes I traversed, but at last I found myself near Comberbach, and on the road to Acton Bridge.  As it was nearly tea time, I followed this road, coming to Little Leigh and then dropping down to Acton Bridge, where my saddle broke.  I sat on the seat pillar and the framework, and was glad to get to Bartington for tea.  After tea I retraced my steps through Acton to Little Leigh and Comberbach, then along to old world Great Budworth and the pretty road to High Legh again.  Again, Broom Edge, Heatley and Warburton, then Cadishead, Glazebrook etc and home, still on a broken seat.

78 miles