Saturday, November 11 – Holmes Chapel

A severe cold has caused me to hold up my cycling activities for a week or two, and so it was no wonder that I was eager to get upon the road again. We started at 1.45pm bound for Wilmslow again, so it’s no use going over the route in here. At Wilmslow we parted for he (my chum) was staying the weekend, and I – well I didn’t care a hang where I went as long as I am riding. I took the road to Knutsford via Davenport Green, but turned left at Knolls Green for Warford. I passed the Mobberley Fresh Air schools, ran through Warford and along a pretty country road to Chelford. In my estimation, the country in winter has a kind of beauty of its own. Lighting up, I sped along a main road darkened with the woods on each side and quite deserted.

Some miles further on I passed a shooting party on the way home. Then I sped along and after ten miles of this road – at some turnings I had to dismount and flash my light on the signposts to see my way, I ran into Holmes Chapel. What I saw of the place was that it seemed a quaint town, an old fashioned little town. Now I joined Knutsford road, but my lamp started going out.

I thought the carbide was done, and the nearest place was Knutsford. It became an eight mile race against an ebbing light. A straight road, no traffic, I bent down to it and those eight miles were covered in 25 minutes, eighteen miles an hour isn’t bad, but it was very close, the light flickered out as I reached a bike shop. When all came to all, the water was stopped up. Then from Knutsford to Altrincham then home via Sale and Barton, arriving back at 8.30pm.

69 miles, 7 hours