Saturday, 6 September 1924 Winwick

There was a good turnout this afternoon at Four Lane Ends, 2.30pm.  And when we started at 3pm there were 23 of us.  A slow, awfully slow pace was set along the paved route through Atherton, Leigh and Lowton, in due time arriving at our teaplace.  As it was yet very early, a few fools (I was one ) indulged in a heated game of football, which, in the boiling sun, reduced us to cinders, and after tea we must needs finish the game.  The whole bunch started back together, to Lowton, and at Pennington, we went into the grounds of Pennington Hall.  The flower beds were exquisitely set, and the glasshouse roses and tropical plants were the most beautiful I have ever seen.  We spent a very pleasant hour in these gardens, then all started home again together.  Once more, the setts via Lowton, Leigh and Atherton, arriving home soon after 9pm.  If this weather continues, I expect to have a good turnout for my run which takes place tomorrow.                                                                  44 miles



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