Saturday, April 29 – Lymm

Having an errand at Leigh, we decided to make an afternoon of it, so off we went at 1.45pm. During the journey my chain cracked ominously and sometimes it jumped off. It was a new pitch – half inch, which I had recently introduced on the machine, and I could not get it aligned properly. Just as I was stopping in Leigh at the said place – where this man who was an uncle of my pals and incidentally a cycle repairer – my chain went phut and spread out on the floor. We immediately got it repaired but it was 3.30 before we got on the road again. Along Bradshawgate and through Glazebury we sped, my chain doing wonders, and we were soon through Glazebrook and over the Warburton Toll Bridge.

Passing through the village of that name, we followed the road to the right for a couple of miles until we ran over the steep little canal bridge and dropped down to the village square in Lymm. We then examined the stocks and sundials. Walking through the ‘Dingle’, a pretty park, we stopped at the lakeside for tea. It was 6.10pm when we started back and passing through Altrincham, we made good speed down that dreary, motor infested area. To Sale, Urmston, Barton, Worsley and thus home, arriving back at 8.30pm. I immediately got a new chain outfit.

50 miles, 6.75 hours