Saturday, May 5 – Lymm

There is no clubrun today, so three of us decided to have one on our own.  We managed to drag three others out, one learner and two ‘fine weather birds’.  As we reached Four Lane Ends it started to rain, but ceased when we thought some would turn back.  A little further on we met two others – CTC’ites and together we soon reached Warburton Bridge via Glazebury.  After a stop on the bridge we gained Lymm Road where the two left us being bound for Knutsford Carnival.

At Lymm we inspected the stocks etc, and then pushed on for Thelwall Brook for tea.  A game of football was played, and as it started to rain we had a game of cards in the bungalow until 8pm.  We started back in the rain, I being capeless and two others also capeless.  At Glazebury a tyre burst caused some trouble and at Atherton a chain broke, he dumped the bike and went home by tramcar.  We arrived back at 10.30pm, wet through but cheerful.

Time 8 hours     Distance 50 miles

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