Margaret Barron and Charlie in 1929

54-1d Album OneWhen Charlie stuck this sepia photograph in his album, he used the word ‘Significant ?’   Why ?.  Well, Margaret is definitely smiling. But neither of them could have known that seven years later they were to marry in 1936.  But there must have been an attraction, even then.  Incidentally by the time they married Margaret had acquired the nickname of Jo, as Charlie in all his writings refers to her as Jo.


More Camping

46-1e Album One46-1f Album One46-1d Album OneCharlie writes  “The Wigan trio started camping at Easter 1927, when they toured in Lakeland equipped with the finest available lightweight outfit.  Gradually the rest of the boys fell in with them, myself the last – I was loth to forfeit the early start and the absolute liveliness of the light bicycle.  But the spell of our type of camping took a grip, and our scope of distance was widened, rather than lessened by the carrying of camping kit.  The Wigan lads chose wisely, 12 years of cycle camping to date has proved to us that the same outfit, with slight modifications, is still the best for the purpose”.