Tour of Medieval England – Summer 1941

This is going to be the last tour of Charlie and his wife Peggy on this website, so please make the most of it.  Taken from pages I have scanned in his photo album, written up in white ink, it is a masterpiece of text and black and white photography and a history lesson for us all.  He has also invested in a better camera I think, compared to the one he used to illustrate his Norwegian tour in 1938.

This tour starting below is of the  Cotswolds during a tandem tour with his wife in the summer of 1941.  (I didn’t know people actually got holidays during the war!).  Enjoy.  The title below is very faint, but reads ‘Awheel in Medieval England’


Charlie and Tom Idle …

55-1d Album One_0001Standing on the left, is Charlie, centre is Tom Idle and I cannot decide whether the rather more portly gentleman to the right is a cyclist or a gamekeeper !!  This pic taken at Ullswater at Whitsun in 1928.  55-1c Album One The uncaptioned rower is almost certainly Charlie as he never could resist going for a row!  One last great photo of Tom and Charlie taken in Chee Dale Derbyshire in 1928.  And this is the end of this particular photo album.