Long Distance Cycle Touring !

A mixed day including meeting three cyclists from Nelson who have taken long distance cycling to new heights.  Today also included a visit to Flamborough Head, about which Charlie says little apart from the heavy rain and the incoming tide.  Cycling the Yorkshire Wolds the ‘wrong way’ ie by going up and over them instead of following the valley routes, but he puts in a creditable performance of 70 miles before returning late to his parents ‘digs’ in the Town.

A Toe in the Water – Day Two

A gentle meander round the landward side of Scarborough found Charlie travelling round in a great circle and ending back at Scarborough.  Never having been before, his initial impression is that it is a beautiful area.  But it did cost him threepence to walk along an estate road, which rather disgusted him.  But this is Yorkshire, where it is not unknown to be confronted with a request for payment after travelling along a long byway.

Scarborough, Here We Come

Due to lack of finances Charlie has to behave this week and travel with his parents and stay at their digs in Scarborough.  The travelling there is where the laughter starts.  His Mother and younger brother Norman must have travelled by train, but Pa insists on travelling on his little two stroke motor bike in company with Charlie, who hates with a vengeance anything that uses petrol.  The journey to Scarborough is full of laughs and qualifies for a book of its own.

Plague and Plagued by Motorists

You get a lot of description here, in particular of the Black Plague as it struck this part of Derbyshire in the week 3 August to the 10 August 1666.  You can just imagine the feelings of the inhabitants as it crept across the land and invaded almost every house.  The Hancocke family lost seven out of eight members of the family all within the space of one week.  Terror certainly stalked the land.  Charlie’s page conveys the horror in more detail.  Apart from the above, Tom and Charlie had a cracking day !