The Question of the Day is ?…..

Nothing to complain about today on a perfect run and a perfect day out.  What he omits to mention is that Beeston Castle is Charlie’s bestest place to visit in the whole world ! He knows the history of Beeston backwards.  So I have just one question.  The Moat is near the top of the hill upon which the Castle stands – how did they get the water to create the Moat ?  I have been there myself and it is a mystery !

Easter on the Move

Given current traffic levels we have to contend with today, it is hard to imagine bygone traffic jams, but they certainly existed, and we have motorists heading to cyclists’ cafes no less.  Charlie doesn’t say, but he must be thinking it is rough justice – all these past cyclists packing out the cyclists cafes, because how do car drivers find the cycling tea places in the first place ?

A Tireless Day

Perhaps it should read ‘Tyreless’ because in truth they are both correct.  It makes me feel tired today just reading through their route.  What a lot of hills.  But it seems to have been worth it, no complaints about the view either.

Well there is a price to pay for a nice day, and that is when you get tyreless, but at least it was the end of a pretty long and successful day.

A Gentle Trundle

Cuerden Hall is not so grand as Eaton Hall,  which is perhaps why it never gets a mention.  But we do get to hear about the views around it, and the pretty lanes to get there.  Cuerden Hall ceased to be a family home in 1906, and after years of Army occupation it became a Sue Ryder charity home.

Liverpool City Fathers and the Liverpool Waterworks Committee did much to prettify the area en route, specifically around the Anglezarke lakes and many reservoirs, they certainly improved the area from a leisure point of view.

Towers and Turrets in the Sun

Never having been near the place I wouldn’t know what to expect, but Charlie’s description of the approach along Belgrave Avenue, tends to suggest it is a bit out of the ordinary !  Apparently it does have many turrets and towers and today they were bathed in sunshine.  The Duke of Devonshire has much to be happy about.

But Charlie cannot visit this area without being aware that just a short distance away is Beeston Castle, his all time favourite, so it isn’t long before they go chasing over to Beeston.

A Very Interesting Run

The bones of this run are meal based, they spend 2.5 hours before the fire yarning to the proprietor at the lunch stop in order to get the day really started.  After zipping round the lanes in the afternoon, managing in the course of their travels to find a really heavy shower of hailstones for their pains, they then seek another warm fire at the teastop – and yes, you have guessed correctly, another 2.5 hours before their fire !  Arriving home at 9pm tired out after a strenuous day keeping the home fires burning.